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Denizen Kane Lost Tapes Volume 1
September 26, 2017 by Jefe

Denizen Kane 'Lost Tapes Volume 1: Oh Six' dropping October 20, 2017.

Notes From The Galapagos4 Island Resort Retreat Recording Recreation Center
by Ezekiel the Intern

So El Jefe sends me a text that says, "We're releasing some tracks from the denizen kane archives called ‘Lost Tapes'. Get some cover art."

I talk this over with my fellow intern, Ollie W.

Me: "Yo, so this new kane is finna drop."

Ollie: "What? Yo, like, kane's been dead for like...six..."

Me: "Months?"

Ollie: "Years."

Juju (the receptionist): "No, he's still alive somewhere in Gallup, New Mexico."

Me & Ollie (simultaneously): "LIES!"

Ollie: "I think they have his ashes at Qwelly's house in Griffith."

Juju: "Um, I think that's just a big ashtray."

Me: "But he died in a skiing accident."

Juju: "Um, Koreans don't ski."

Ollie: "North Koreans."

Juju: "To like, fight the Russians?"

Me: "You guys are racists."

Ollie: "You're racist. It snows in Korea."

The conversation peters out and I have to find artwork. Unsure of who to call, I debate the merits of the on-call graphic artists. Should I send this to Noel, the socialist, who will inevitably cull a kane photo from the archives and create a neo-Leninist tableau of old boy next to a tractor? Or do I send this to Claudette, who will just write kane's name in bubble letters and draw cartoon monster people? I end up sending it to Jose, who loves jazz and has never heard kane's music in his short life.

New text from El Jefe: "Sent you link to tracks, do write up ASAP. Digital drops today."

I retrieve the files from the interwebs. I drink coffee. Juju and Ollie argue about whether kane was abducted by aliens in '04 with Qwa. Ollie swears he heard this firsthand from the great Qwa himself at the Christmas party. kane plays plaintively.

The write-up:

"Here lies kane, dusty, mangled, pulled by wild horses in different directions. In one breath, he is an experimental provocateur, conjuring bizarre orchestras, pizzicato strings, and wild leaps of imagination off Tree City fire escapes. In the next breath, he is a smoke-lunged, whisky-choked, broken guitar-strumming folk-singing troubadour of some alt-Chicago history. He debates the merits of fame and our collective lust for it, he dreams of his brother Junie escaping the mundane prisons of mammon, he mourns for the innumerable lost things bobbing in the far Pacific of our memory. He is ash, or he is living, and we are listening."

I send the write-up to El Jefe. Ollie and Juju are snapping on each other. Jose sends back the artwork with a quickness—a remix of an old Lee Morgan cover, clean and sturdy. I hit him up: "Didn't you want to hear the tracks?" Jose: "I never do."

El Jefe hits back: "Good. You won't believe what we found. 10 cardboard boxes full of reels. Old kane stuff. Old-school. Two-inch tape."

I'm bugging: "Where?"

El Jefe: "Gallup, New Mexico. Why?"

Me: "Um. No reason."

Ollie storms out mid-argument, flinging papers. A coffee cup spills to the floor. Juju shrugs, pops gum. Meanwhile, somewhere, outside the window, where skinny oaks bend and lamp posts rust, a GD and a Vice Lord are talking about the Jimmy Butler trade...

added by: Jefe

Offwhyte Dialogue Out Now
April 21, 2016 by Offwhyte

An LA Story...

That's what awaits the listener on "Dialogue", the new album from Galapagos4 recording artist Offwhyte. Inspired by "all the beautiful souls that come to LA looking for success", the LP is a culmination of everything Offwhyte has absorbed and learned in a decade-plus of living in Los Angeles. It is his dedication to the Southern California area and everything it represents, as well as a personal account of his own episodes and adventures there.

These songs are essays on romance, the entertainment industry, global agendas, discovering things about your heritage and using them to your advantage, and of course, the life of an independent musician. With Los Angeles based on the Pacific Rim, the only two vocal guests on the album, Japanese rappers Candle (Mary Joy) and MC Gebo, reflect the area's close ties to Asia. All tracks are produced by veteran Connecticut-based beatsmith Open i.

With every song conceived, inspired, written and recorded within the very city it celebrates, "Dialogue" is a potent display of expression and a new level of achievement for Offwhyte. Decked out with cover art featuring the models that inspired the artist, "Dialogue" is released on CD, digital, and Double-LP vinyl from Galapagos4.

added by: Offwhyte

Offwhyte - All Told - single & video out March 25th
March 16, 2016 by Jeff

Kicking off a new round of upcoming releases for 2016 on G4 (finally!) is OffwhyteÂ’s single & video "All Told", dropping March 25th on Galapagos4. Even the busiest of cities falls quiet at night. Avenues go empty, historic architecture looms tall, and while wandering around, you can almost let yourself forget exactly what year it is. This is the setting for "All Told", the lead single from OffwhyteÂ’s upcoming full-length album "Dialogue". "All Told" is a smashing new anthem for Offwhyte, a declaration of independence and a return to form for an emcee who carved out a niche for himself based on intelligence and skill. Touching on themes such as racial inclusion, awareness of growing global crises, and using your intellect to get ahead, OffwhyteÂ’s words exude as much confidence here as ever. Every syllable is cut with a quickness and surgical precision only Offwhyte can administer. Produced by veteran Galapagos4 beatsmith Open i, and accompanied by a 1940s style, noir music video, "All Told" features scratches by DJ Touch Nice, selector for Galapagos4 label mates Maxilla Blue.

added by: Jeff

Asphate - Closed Doors To An Open Mind - Produced by Maker
March 1, 2015 by Jeff

Asphate Woodhavet is but a shadow’s breath. Rhymin’ since the 90’s and having taken the form of emcee from various angles leading up to Maxilla Blue’s 2006 inception, his rantings of the never were’s and almost somethings of the world as well as the mostly are’s and of course, you wouldn’t place him as a natural fit into navigation of Grey terrain. The travels have helped to calm the thirst, and the hunt has simmered to the thoughtful art of selection. Phate is most known for powerful poetics and intense vocal control of live audiences.

Closed Doors To An Open Mind is a 10 track LP from the Maxilla Blue MC, all produced by Maker. Guests MCs are Qwel on 2 cuts, Qwazaar and Hellsent. DJ Touch Nice of Maxilla Blue also features on several tracks. Includes download code with full album and instrumentals, in G4 label jackets with art print.

added by: Jeff

Hellsent & Batsauce - Bat Outta Hell - November 18, 2014
September 1, 2014 by Jefe

Southside Chicago MC Hellsent drops his 3rd official full length, this time backed up by beats from super producer Batsauce. This follows Bats recent collaborations with Hellsents fellow Outerlimitz member Qwazaar, which have gained the pair worldwide recognition as keepers of the flame. Hellsent picks right up with his signature low end drawl pairing perfectly with Batsauces dusty fingered backdrops.

Bat Outta Hell will be released as a vinyl LP & digital full length, each containing bonus material. The vinyl features 8 tracks including an exclusive collaboration with Qwazaar, as well as the 8 instrumentals and an acappella. The digital release is 14 tracks, including 5 tracks not on the vinyl version. Both versions feature a cut with Asphate Woodhavet & DJ Touch Nice of Maxilla Blue. The vinyl LP will also include a free download of the digital release.

added by: Jefe

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