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Outerlimitz - Suicide Prevention
August 20, 2005 by Jefe

That’s RIGHT! The time is now... pre-order the new Outerlimitz "Suicide Prevention" CD from the G4 product page and receive a FREE OL BONUS CD, "Lost Prevention: Unreleased & B-Sides" with 13 extra tracks! Pre-orders begin shipping next Monday August 22nd!

Outerlimitz "Suicide Prevention" CD
Release date: August 30, 2005

"Suicide Prevention", the first official release from Chicago’s own OuterLimitz. The collective masterfully constructed a sound that transcends the traditional "boom boom bap, tick tick tick snare" format. Where others have boasted "unique", OuterLimitz delivers. Silence’s production has confronted the monotonous headlong, leaving no room for excuses, just rhyme and reason. Recycled song structure has been replaced with stunning soundscapes and passionate deliveries. The energy brought forth from this talented trio is something that hip hop has been missing. OuterLimitz is a return to the originality and fire that both hip hop and the thinking world have been dying for.

The flawlessly designed production serves as the perfect canvass for the emcees to topple topics ranging the complete spectrum of consciousness. OuterLimitz is hip hop’s wake up call, the much needed challenge to not only think outside of your box, but to be outside of your box. OuterLimitz.

Qwa, He.llsent and Silence bring change. And since anything that doesn’t change is dead.... Are you ready for a world where death doesn’t exist?

Welcome to the OuterLimitz.

Recorded and conceptualized over the last year and a half, this project will open doors for themselves and other like-minded individuals. OuterLimitz is known for their work on Chicago’s Frontline Records as a crew and as solo artists, and have toured the US extensively with acts such as Typical Cats, Living Legends and Visionaries. Qwa (aka Qwazaar) is also a member of Typical Cats, whose 2 releases on Galapagos4 have been certified as underground classics. He also released a solo album, "Walk Thru Walls", in 2001.

Album to be released on Galapagos4, August 30 2005

Mixed by The Grouch from Living Legends

Mastered by Evren Goknar @ Capitol Records Mastering

"Packaged In Plastic" b/w "Hypnotic" 12" dropping mid-August on Galapagos4

"Suicide Prevention" CD dropping August 30 on Galapagos4

added by: Jefe

Mestizo & Mike Gao - Blindfaith CD
July 20, 2005 by Dallas Jackson

Mestizo & Mike Gao "Blindfaith" CD
release date: August 2nd 2005

In the midst of chaos and conflict amongst humanity, here emerged a voice for the generation of lost children searching for faith. While most people of planet Earth concern themselves with self-preservation in the form of a dollar bill, the future of our civilization lies in the hands of an unconscious faith.

The album title is self-explanatory. Concepts conceived out of total disbelief, during the re-election of our nation’s president and the end of our say in the function of our America. Mestizo is a man of extraordinary views on the systematic make up of today’s existence. The characters of his thoughts are a volatile portrayal of the meaning of Blindfaith, his second full length album release.

The adamant and meticulous Mike Gao is the newest producer to flourish from the Galapagos4 family tree. One of the youngest and most promising producers coming out of the west coast, Mike’s barmy style of hypnotizing rhythms and detailed instrumentation serves as faultless and dramatic scenery for Blindfaith’s ear catching outbursts of truth.

Mestizo has been turning heads and gaining worldwide interest and respect with fans and artist alike since his decision to show his face to the independent world. With the attention caught from Mestizo’s first official Galapagos4 release Lifelikemovie, Blindfaith will mark the start of a new era of apocalyptic driven advocates.

Mestizo & Mike Gao - Redden Rise snippet
Mestizo & Mike Gao - Pick Up 52’s snippet

added by: Dallas Jackson

Tuff Love Tour
June 29, 2005 by Royce

Tuff Love Tour featuring
Royce, Denizen Kane, Mestizo, Mike Gao and Dan One

Chicago IL.
- Fri July 29th @ The Abbey Pub
- 3420 W. Grace $10 18+ w/Qwel, OuterLimitz, Meaty Ogre, Maker, Dr.Jones, Offwhyte

San Antonio TX. - Sun July 31 @ Atomix
-1902 McCullough,18 + 21+ to drink/$8 M $5 F w/ lotus tribe

Tuscon AZ. - Tues Aug 2 @ The Congress
-311 E Congress St. w/2mex & the shapeshifters

Phoenix AZ -Weds Aug 3 @ The Paper Heart
-750 nw grand ave -18+ with 2mex and the shapeshifters

Flagstaff AZ. - Thurs 4 @ Mogollon -
15 N Agassiz St 1$ cover 21+

San Diego CA. - Fri 5 @ Chula Vista

LA CA. - Sun 7 @ Terrace Restaurant, formerly Cuerna Vaca
-443 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena CA 18+

San Francisco CA. - Mon 8 @ Milk Bar
- 1804 Haight St. $5. 21+

Seattle WA. - Weds 10 @ Rainbow W/ ROBUST
722 NE 45th St, 21 + . The cover is $5 or free with student i.d. before midnight

Olympia WA. - Thurs 11@ The Mark
- 407 Columbia (with saints of everyday failures)

added by: Royce

Maker - Shooting the Breeze CD + LP
May 9, 2005 by Dallas Jackson

Maker "Shooting The Breeze" CD / 2LP
CD release date: June 7, 2005
2LP release date: ASAP

Known as one of the most talented and prolific producers to come out of the bubbling Chicago scene in the last few years, Maker has been given the chance to shine on his own with his first full length instrumental album "Shooting The Breeze" on Galapagos4. The last 2 years saw Maker make his name with his debut compilation album "Honestly" and collaborations with Qwel (Qwel & Maker "The Harvest" Galapagos4, 2004) & with Adeem & DQ as Glue (Glue "Seconds Away", Ramona Records 2004).

Fans and critics begged for instrumental versions of "The Harvest" and "Seconds Away". But instead of simply releasing an instrumental album of beats that were designed for MC’s to rap over, Maker thought it was best to present himself as a solo artist and showcase his talents as an instrumentalist and song-creator. "Shooting The Breeze" is just that, a pure instrumental album of carefully crafted songs meant to stand out on their own.

Maker has toured Europe and the US with Galapagos4, Qwel and Glue, who will be featured on this summer’s Scribble Jam tour.

added by: Dallas Jackson

Stick Figures 12-inch
April 8, 2005 by Dallas Jackson

Robust & Prolyphic team up for this double A-sided 12" as a preview to their upcoming full length LP as the group Stick Figures. Robust busted out in early 2004 with his debut LP "Potholes In Our Molecules" (Galapagos4), which had production and 1 guest verse from Prolyphic. This introduced the talented MC/producer Prolyphic to many fans, and he followed up with his own full length "An Alarm Clock Set for 9:01" (Duck Soup Records) in mid-2004. Both LPs were met with critical and popular acclaim. The long-time co-conspirators then decided to focus on the Stick Figures group, with both contributing beats and rhymes to the project. Look for the full length LP later in 2005 on Galapagos4.

Side A:
1. Balls Out - Robust - produced by Meaty Ogre
2. Balls Out (clean) - Robust - produced by Meaty Ogre
3. Balls Out (instrumental) - produced by Meaty Ogre

Side AA:
1. Get Out What You Put In - Prolyphic - produced by Prolyphic
2. Get Out What You Put In (clean) - Prolyphic - produced by Prolyphic
3. Get Out What You Put In (instrumental) - produced by Prolyphic

added by: Dallas Jackson

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