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Tuff Love Tour
June 29, 2005 by Royce

Tuff Love Tour featuring
Royce, Denizen Kane, Mestizo, Mike Gao and Dan One

Chicago IL.
- Fri July 29th @ The Abbey Pub
- 3420 W. Grace $10 18+ w/Qwel, OuterLimitz, Meaty Ogre, Maker, Dr.Jones, Offwhyte

San Antonio TX. - Sun July 31 @ Atomix
-1902 McCullough,18 + 21+ to drink/$8 M $5 F w/ lotus tribe

Tuscon AZ. - Tues Aug 2 @ The Congress
-311 E Congress St. w/2mex & the shapeshifters

Phoenix AZ -Weds Aug 3 @ The Paper Heart
-750 nw grand ave -18+ with 2mex and the shapeshifters

Flagstaff AZ. - Thurs 4 @ Mogollon -
15 N Agassiz St 1$ cover 21+

San Diego CA. - Fri 5 @ Chula Vista

LA CA. - Sun 7 @ Terrace Restaurant, formerly Cuerna Vaca
-443 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena CA 18+

San Francisco CA. - Mon 8 @ Milk Bar
- 1804 Haight St. $5. 21+

Seattle WA. - Weds 10 @ Rainbow W/ ROBUST
722 NE 45th St, 21 + . The cover is $5 or free with student i.d. before midnight

Olympia WA. - Thurs 11@ The Mark
- 407 Columbia (with saints of everyday failures)

added by: Royce

Maker - Shooting the Breeze CD + LP
May 9, 2005 by Dallas Jackson

Maker "Shooting The Breeze" CD / 2LP
CD release date: June 7, 2005
2LP release date: ASAP

Known as one of the most talented and prolific producers to come out of the bubbling Chicago scene in the last few years, Maker has been given the chance to shine on his own with his first full length instrumental album "Shooting The Breeze" on Galapagos4. The last 2 years saw Maker make his name with his debut compilation album "Honestly" and collaborations with Qwel (Qwel & Maker "The Harvest" Galapagos4, 2004) & with Adeem & DQ as Glue (Glue "Seconds Away", Ramona Records 2004).

Fans and critics begged for instrumental versions of "The Harvest" and "Seconds Away". But instead of simply releasing an instrumental album of beats that were designed for MC’s to rap over, Maker thought it was best to present himself as a solo artist and showcase his talents as an instrumentalist and song-creator. "Shooting The Breeze" is just that, a pure instrumental album of carefully crafted songs meant to stand out on their own.

Maker has toured Europe and the US with Galapagos4, Qwel and Glue, who will be featured on this summer’s Scribble Jam tour.

added by: Dallas Jackson

Stick Figures 12-inch
April 8, 2005 by Dallas Jackson

Robust & Prolyphic team up for this double A-sided 12" as a preview to their upcoming full length LP as the group Stick Figures. Robust busted out in early 2004 with his debut LP "Potholes In Our Molecules" (Galapagos4), which had production and 1 guest verse from Prolyphic. This introduced the talented MC/producer Prolyphic to many fans, and he followed up with his own full length "An Alarm Clock Set for 9:01" (Duck Soup Records) in mid-2004. Both LPs were met with critical and popular acclaim. The long-time co-conspirators then decided to focus on the Stick Figures group, with both contributing beats and rhymes to the project. Look for the full length LP later in 2005 on Galapagos4.

Side A:
1. Balls Out - Robust - produced by Meaty Ogre
2. Balls Out (clean) - Robust - produced by Meaty Ogre
3. Balls Out (instrumental) - produced by Meaty Ogre

Side AA:
1. Get Out What You Put In - Prolyphic - produced by Prolyphic
2. Get Out What You Put In (clean) - Prolyphic - produced by Prolyphic
3. Get Out What You Put In (instrumental) - produced by Prolyphic

added by: Dallas Jackson

Offwhyte - Bow to the Sceptor CD + EP
November 15, 2004 by Dallas Jackson

Offwhyte - "Bow to the Sceptor" CD + EP
Relase date: December 14, 2004

Songs of revolution have always been born in tumultuous times. In this era of an ongoing war, highly polarized politics, and an overall sense of general uncertainty, emotions run high in the veins of the average American citizen.

Enter "Bow to the Sceptor", the title track of Offwhyte’s latest offering. A song that is part spoken word and part double-time lyrical frenzy, the raw angst of the frustrated masses is voiced heavily in this landmark work, as "blatant protests go unannounced, someone’s got checks to bounce and disgust has reached a new level of subtlety, redundantly!" Laced with dark production reminiscent of a 23 rd Century snake charmer, "Bow to the Sceptor" is meant to capture the feeling of urgency, anxiousness and need for change that many of us Americans feel today.

Offwhyte has been getting more and more prolific as a songwriter ever since the worldwide success of his 2002 album, The Fifth Sun . The seven-song EP springs to life with "Kept", pairing Offwhyte with G4 veteran Meaty Ogre for an intentionally overdramatic track, where Offwhyte spits pieces of lush imagery depicting a perfect home environment. On "Kid is Raw", Offwhyte makes a proclamation of dues paid, declaring himself and his crew an undisputed pillar in the Chicago hip hop community. "On Purpose" is an essay on true b-boyism, self-produced by Offwhyte.

In an effort to represent his highly talented and close-knit crew, the EP also features a track by Galapagos4 artist Mestizo - "Rival Ritual" produced by DJ White Lightning. This track is a declaration, meant to convey Galapagos4’s dominance within the underground community, in which Mestizo also references the "Sceptor".

The production on the EP brings forth some of the newer talent on Galapagos4. "Bow to the Sceptor" is produced by Kip Killagain and Morphus of Arizona jungle/dnb crew Ruff Sumptn’, and "Kid is Raw" is produced by up and coming LA beatsmith Mike Gao.

added by: Dallas Jackson

Typical Cats - Civil Service CD + LP
September 27, 2004 by Dallas Jackson

Typical Cats - Civil Service CD + LP
G4CD0027 - Release Date October 26, 2004
G4LP0027 - Release Date November 16, 2004

It has been four long years since their now-classic debut Typical Cats dropped on Chicago hip hop label Galapagos4. Successful solo projects and worldwide tours have only whetted the appetites of the legions of fans eagerly anticipating the follow up. The time has come, and the Cats have a message.

Attention Citizens of Hip Hop (Nation Within a Nation):

We have waged a rebel resistance to that cynical enemy of the listeners and true heads "the Establishment" for decades now. Our enemy, fully aware that the people need beats and rhymes to live, has embarked on a campaign of sonic terrorism, flooding minds and airwaves with pollutants while grudgingly distributing real hip hop in tainted and dwindling doses. In order to combat this toxic status quo and restructure the underground network that is the last hope for our rebel tribes, we have dispatched our most highly skilled team of operatives under the code name Typical Cats . Representatives Qwel, Qwazaar, denizen kane and DJ Natural (along with special delegate Kid Knish) have spent the four years since the last restructuring effort in the field and have now been authorized to administer an emergency plan effective immediately to:

1) Eradicate the underground of the Establishment's clone minions

2) Create an infrastructure with which to bring our Movement above ground

3) Bring an end to the chaos of the warring tribes and effectively bring the disputed territories under rebel control

The science of this nation-building initiative is to be distributed in a disc form entitled Civil Service . The disc will contain explicit and coded information technology capable both of disabling Establishment operatives and activating rebel representatives and stations in one precise deployment. Civil Service is a series of ongoing tasks of utmost importance to the survival and eventual victory of our nation within a nation. In a time of heightened crisis such as this, it is a form of struggle through self-government, a collective orchestration of success as we define it, and our response to the Establishment's shadow war on its own people.

Citizens: Our existence has become conflict itself, and our Enemy interprets our independence as hostility. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our independence is simply an expression of humanity in a bleak and alien environment. We are fulfilling the broken promises of the Establishment. We are the architects of our future, the makers of sound. The Most loves not the boastful. Civil Service for the hopeful.

Peace , the Service.

added by: Dallas Jackson

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