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Busy Busy
November 10, 2003 by Jeff

What’s up ya’ll... we’re staying busy as usual. Big ups to our new Australian distribution, Checkout Wax, & our new Swiss distro, Namskeio. Heads in those countries prepare for the G4 product invasion happening soon!

New release: Hopefully by now everyone knows that Meaty Ogre has dropped his debut full length entitled "Leo vs. Pisces". The CD is in stores worldwide, and the vinyl is finally complete and will be everywhere soon. There is 2 seperate vinyl LPs for this record (Vol. 1 w/ the vocal cuts & Vol. 2 with the instrumental cuts), both with full color covers by Jash Gratto & painting by Dymz. We also have just released the limited 7" for "Amusing Ourselves To Death (instrumental)" w/ exclusive B-side banger "Let the Stream Adjust". Only 500 copies pressed on this 7 inch so do not sleep! Davey is watching...

Tours: Typical Cats are about halfway through their Continental Drift tour featuring Visionaries & DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies. The Chicago show was real hot with the Cats showcasing more new material from their upcoming LP.

The G4 crew will be going on tour again in the Spring, on the Submerged State 200(G)4 tour... featuring Qwel, Offwhyte, Meaty Ogre, Dr. Jones, Robust, Mestizo & more... dates are set in the Midwest, Cali & the Northwest... and everywhere in between that we can fit in...

Until then... we’re hard at work in the studio this winter... a ton of new material is on the way...

Coming in 200(G)4...
Qwel & Maker "The Harvest"
Typical Cats
Maker instrumental album
Denizen Kane
DJ White Lightning
.... and on.... and on....

added by: Jeff

Meaty Ogre - Leo vs. Pisces CD + LPs
October 5, 2003 by Jeff

Meaty Ogre "Leo vs. Pisces" - Galapagos4 - October 28, 2003

After showcasing his production genius lacing tracks for MC’s such as Qwel, Offwhyte, Mars Ill & Sage Francis (on the "Makeshift Patriot" EP), it was a logical step for Chicago DJ Meaty Ogre to create his own spawn. Meaty’s knowledge & deep appreciation of music has enabled him to bust through the usual limitations of the "production album" formula and construct a cohesive album. "Leo vs. Pisces" is a work of beauty, melding Meaty’s well-crafted productions, his own colorful vocal tracks & cuts with some of Chicago’s finest rappers including Offwhyte & Typical Cats’ Qwel & Denizen Kane. New talent from the G4 roster is also debuted here, as Robust, Mestizo & Rift Napalm deliver previews of their respective upcoming solo albums on Galapagos4.

Meaty Ogre is known in the beatmaking/beatdigging community as an avid vinyl collector and historian. He has gained critical acclaim for his limited & sought after 7-inch instrumental releases on Chicago’s Heardrums Records, now on their 5th release. He is also slated for an upcoming 7-inch release on Dante Carfagna’s noted Memphix label under the pseudonym Mickey Ritter.

"Leo vs. Pisces" is being released as a full length CD & 2 separate LPs, Vol. 1 with the vocal tracks from the album, and Vol. 2 with the beats & instrumental tracks from the album. There is also a limited 7-inch being released in conjunction with the album containing an instrumental version of one of the album’s vocal tracks and an exclusive b-side.

added by: Jeff

The Submerged State 2.1
September 15, 2003 by Jeff

Galapagos4 - "The Submerged State Volume 2.1"
Available for a limited time on the product page!

"The Submerged State" CD (G4-SUB1) was originally made (200 copies only) for the Galapagos4 Submerged State Tour in June 2003. Since this tour was mainly on the West Coast, the artists wanted to have these new tracks available elsewhere in the world. Thus, "Volume 2.1" (G4-SUB2) was created. This new version contains all the hits from the original CD, except Qwel’s "Vincent Van Gogh Coke Ad", which was taken off to not interfere with it’s inclusion on Kevin Beacham’s "Scribble Jam 2003" compilation. Instead, 2 raw new Qwel tracks are included (both produced by Jackson Jones), as well as exclusive material from Offwhyte, Robust, Mestizo, Rift Napalm, Maker, Meaty Ogre, DJ White Lightning & Dreas. Limited copies of this CD were made for Scribble Jam & the Tuck Your Pride In Tour, and we are now selling the rest exclusively here at

added by: Jeff

Tour & Product Updates
August 28, 2003 by Jeff

The Tuck Your Pride In Tour Begins in 1 week! Typical Cats Qwel, Qwazaar & Denizen Kane are currently working on new material, and are set to hit the road for 2 weeks with DJ Meaty Ogre, Offwhyte & host Mestizo. The tour will take them from the Midwest to the Southeast & South, then back to the Midwest. We'll have the last remaining copies of "The Submerged State Version 2.1" CD featuring new material from Qwel, Offwhyte, Robust, Rift Napalm, Mestizo, Meaty Ogre & DJ White Lightning... as well as the new T-shirts, the new "Laced" CD... and all the records we can hold on to...

G4 T-SHIRTS! All T-shirts are back now in all sizes. The Typical Cats "Boombox" T-shirt is also available now in grey with black print. Click on "product" to check them out.

Royce just dropped their first full length on Galapagos4, "Subtleties Of The Game". This live outfit headed by DJ White Lightning on bass & boards has been very well received, and was just given a nice review in the UK’s prestigious Wire Magazine.

Meaty Ogre just recently completed the "Leo vs. Pisces" album, and it bangs. Look for the CD & vocal vinyl EP to drop in late October along with a new exclusive 7 inch. The instrumental vinyl EP will shortly follow.

Typical Cats will also be heading on tour in the fall with the Visionaries, The Beat Junkies & Wildchild. This tour starts on the West Coast and makes it’s way back to the Midwest, and then back to Cali to finish.

DJ WHAT? (Beat Junkies)
-also joining us on some dates, DJ MELO D (Beat Junkies)

Keep checking back for updates. The tour will continue until Nov. 25th or so...

Oct. 26 - San Francisco, CA - Studio Z
Oct. 27 - San Diego, CA - Canes Bar and Grill
Oct. 28 - Los Angeles,CA - The Knitting Factory (all ages)
Oct. 29 - Phoenix,AZ - Club Downtown
Oct. 30 - Albuquerque,NM - Sunshine Theater
Nov. 1 - Austin,TX - The Vibe
Nov. 2 - Denton,TX - Rubber Gloves
Nov. 3 - Oklahoma City - The Conservatory
Nov. 4 - Lawrence,KS - Bottleneck
Nov. 5 - Minneapolis,MN - The Cabooze
Nov. 6 - Chicago, IL - The Bottom Lounge
Nov. 7 - Iowa, City, IA - Gabe's Oasis
Nov. 8 - Fort Collins, Co - Aggie Theater
Nov. 9 - Salt Lake City, UT - Albee Square
Nov. 10 - Missoula, MT - University of Missoula

Fire. More to come. Robust, Mestizo, Qwel & Maker "The Harvest", Typical Cats, Offwheezy... & on... 2004...

added by: Jeff

summer heat
July 13, 2003 by Jeff

What up ya'll.... Chicago's bringing that summer heat... as always. The crew is back from The Submerged State Tour and things are poppin' at home once again. Thanks to all those that supported us at the Endangered Species nights in the first half of 2003. We've postponed the night for now, on the search for a new venue... we all loved the Hothouse when it was 18+, but with the new age restriction it was time to move on.

Next evolutionary development for G4 is the long awaited release of Royce’s "Subtleties Of The Game". You've seen them stealing the show around Chicago, rocking house parties, hip-hop shows, & backyard BBQs with equal ease. Now you can get the full recorded experience of Royce's electric sounds with White Lightning on the bass & boards, Jamie Clemmons on guitar & vocals, Connor on drums & Ross Vegas on keys... and of course Qwelly Belly drops by the Royce sound lab to rip the mic on 2 ill new tracks. Expect an eclectic mix of live rock experimentation, sugary sweet hits, hard ass beats & surreal soul from these Chi-town natives... "Subtleties Of The Game" drops August 19th on Galapagos4.

G4 will be releasing our first instrumental album, "Laced", also coming early this August. This will be a limited edition CD & vinyl EP featuring classic G4 instrumentals & new beats from White Lightning, Meaty Ogre, Open I, DJ Natural & Jackson Jones.

Meaty Ogre is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming full length "Leo Vs. Pisces", due out this fall on Galapagos4. The album will feature Meaty's signature production plus vocal tracks from Offwhyte, Qwel, Denizen Kane, Robust, Rift Napalm, Mestizo & Actual Fact... ... madness you've come to expect from the Ogre. Cop the 7" featuring Robust & Rift out now... another instrumental 7" coming soon along with the full length CD & 2 vinyl EPs (one vocals, one beats).

Typical Cats are hard at work on their new material... you know I don't have to tell you if it's raw... they'll take some time out to embark on the Tuck Your Pride In Tour this September, also featuring Offwhyte w/Dr. Jones, DJ Meaty Ogre & our host Mestizo. Starting with an early show in Brooklyn on August 21st, this tour will hit the Midwest, South East & South U.S. from Sept. 5th-Sept. 21st. Full tour dates coming soon...

The Tuck Your Pride In Tour hometown Chicago show will be Saturday September 6th @ The Bottom Lounge. The show is all ages, only $10 & will feature Typical Cats, Vakill of The Molemen, Offwhyte w/ Dr. Jones, Rift Napalm, Robust, Mestizo, Meaty Ogre & Royce. Doors open at 5pm, show starts at 6pm so get there early! The show will be out by 9:30pm...

Stay tuned to for the full Tuck Your Pride In Tour dates, plus more show & release announcements...

added by: Jeff

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