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Bat Outta Hell
Hellsent & Batsauce
Released November 18, 2014

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G4DG0067 $9.99 BUY NOW
Bat Outta Hell - Hellsent & Batsauce
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Bat Outta Hell is a collaborative project between Galapagos4’s resident
emcee He.llsent and prolific beat-maker Batsauce. Here the two melt
together to create a dense head-nodder of an album that resonates with
growth, respect and dedication to the craft. He.llsent, known for complex
rhymes and his fiery ethos, takes a step away from his ... > More

Individual mp3s are $0.89 each. All mp3s since 2010 are 320Kbps (those before 2010 are 192 Kbps).

Play Track Title Artist Duration Buy
1 Hello Hellsent & Batsauce 1:20 BUY NOW
2 Bob Proctor Hellsent & Batsauce 2:51 BUY NOW
3 Future Time Hellsent & Batsauce 2:29 BUY NOW
4 Lightspeed Hellsent & Batsauce 2:35 BUY NOW
5 Intelligent Design Hellsent & Batsauce 1:55 BUY NOW
6 Uprock
featuring Asphate Woodhavet & DJ Touch Nice of Maxilla Blue
Hellsent & Batsauce 2:39 BUY NOW
7 Random Access Hellsent & Batsauce 2:56 BUY NOW
8 Ms. Sativa Hellsent & Batsauce 3:18 BUY NOW
9 Escapism Hellsent & Batsauce 1:59 BUY NOW
10 Leaving Hellsent & Batsauce 2:40 BUY NOW
11 Wake Up Hellsent & Batsauce 2:52 BUY NOW
12 Self-Destructs Hellsent & Batsauce 2:34 BUY NOW
13 Not That Far Way
featuring DJ Touch Nice of Maxilla Blue
Hellsent & Batsauce 2:42 BUY NOW
14 Regrets Hellsent & Batsauce 2:59 BUY NOW

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